For fun

Yeah, if you don`t know what to surprise your partner with, I`d like to give you some information, because if your partner isn`t afraid and he`s really very active and likes adrenaline, then you can also buy him a parachute ticket. But I think many men would want to try something completely different. Perhaps gentlemen would also like to try to fire a weapon, or also to play with knives. This is quite dangerous, though. I`ve told myself that if I could fire a gun, I`d really rejoice. In my opinion, shooting a gun is very joyous and hilarious, and I would enjoy this. I would like to hold a gun in my hand and learn more about the weapon. You can try Prague gun range.

The gun is old.

Do you think you would enjoy this when I asked my partner if he would enjoy it, so he told me that I`m sure he would, that he said his daddy and also his grandfather also fired a gun and even his grandfather also worked in the woods where he also had a gun. And when I asked my partner if he`d ever shot, he told me he`d only done it from a small air rifle, and he said that was in one course when he was on vacation with the camp afterward. I think when people learn to shoot a gun, then they calm down because it`s such a big adrenaline rush that everyone starts to enjoy it and it`s also a great gift.

The gun like a toy.

Of course, if you go to Prague and ask for more information, you will get all the information and answers you need before you fire your weapon. Then again, when I tell my mom and dad this, they always tell me not to touch guns, that they say guns are very dangerous and don`t belong in the hands of anyone who doesn`t know how to use one, that they say guns are only in the hands of professionals and or people who work with guns, like the police or the military, that sort of thing. But there are also fun ones. Centres where they just teach you how to shoot. And, of course, always safely and from professionals themselves.

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